Monday 4 July 2016

A trip to lost property?

A lady had lost her purse and passport after she had been travelling to her destination by train. She became frantic. Her friends and family searched and helped her to backtrack through her muddled thoughts. Someone suggested, ’have you tried the lost property at the police station?’

After seeing through all options to no avail she went to the lost property at the police station and explained her predicament. The person at lost property said, ‘Ah madam. I am so sorry to hear this. Just wait a moment and I will see what I can do.’  10 minutes later after the lady had waited patiently, the man came back and asked, ‘Your passport is secure although I am afraid was delivered to the UK Home office for security reasons and is this the purse that you have been looking for?’ At that moment the lady jumped with joy, and shouted ‘Yes it is!’ She was so relieved as she quickly regained confidence in all those willing to help.

Another gentleman went to lost property and said, ’I lost my job’

‘Ah’ said the man at lost property. I can see your predicament and a challenging one to boot. Hold on a moment, if you give me 10 minutes I’ll be back in a tick.’ 

He came back with a small envelope. 'Here you are, a little envelope of good contacts, tips, leads and those that can nurture your talents to bring you back into the right direction with a little bit of money; all to help get you back onto your feet again. You’ll be fine.’ 
A young man working from home was staring outside from across the room through his dirty windows. He felt the loss of light and for months now he was pondering on his windows that really needed cleaning. Except he could not find the energy to deal with it whilst he had so much on his plate. 

The man from lost property came back with an idea.  Suddenly there was knocking at the door. Two English lads were there canvassing to clean windows. The young man stood and thought well why not? He then offered a decent price so they could get on with it. Shortly thereafter, and the next day at his work, the sun was streaming through his windows that had revitalized so much energy and positivity in his work place and into his ‘new’ home office.

A business man who appeared a little shaken, went to lost property and said to the man, 

’I lost a deal, what shall I do?’

'Hmm, you lost a deal.  Have you lost deals before?’ Was it a big one?'

‘Well yes and it depends what you mean by big. Something happened, well this is different, it is hard to explain.’
‘I see. Just a moment. I’ll be back in minute.' The guy from lost property came back. 'Try not to worry. You have come to the right place. I cannot give you that deal back, but I can say this. Try to understand in yourself what you did wrong without passing blame on others and then learn to accept it and next time you make a deal let it come naturally, in good time, with meaning, according to your conscience, farsightedness, and by trusting your own intuition and your own values. This way I am certain, next time you will win.’

The last man went to lost property and said ‘I have a lost my faith...’ 

The man at lost property stood calm and by now was feeling quite challenged and exhausted. This was a tough one. He gave it a thought. 'Hold on a moment. Let me see if I can find anything.’ He disappeared for 10 minutes and then came back. ‘I cannot find a pot of gold, a fast car with a woman sitting in it, with everything in the right places, a holiday in Ibiza or anything of that nature, except I can only suggest you to find those close to you, those that love you, those that you trust, and are positive and are willing to listen to so as to reassert yourself and to help find your peace of mind. Then just take it from there and for heaven’s sake don’t do anything stupid!’    

Behind every material or immaterial loss is a personal gain

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