Thursday 1 October 2015

How can my career benefit others?

It is very difficult that when you read the news, that one can generalise, become cynical, a critic, unfocused, angry and depressed. Every headline appears to be a negative one. One wonders if the world really is like this, going through some compulsive disorder, a state of mind in search of its soul, or as GK Chesterton once put it ‘a maze with no centre’ or is it simply the power of the commercial mainstream media that plays to our weaknesses and negative sentiment. In some of my articles I have had no inhibitions in my limited capacity in taking a tough approach not just to those who put themselves on a pedestal with ambition above ability, self-recognition above talent, humour with spite and self above service, but more importantly to the media with its sensationalism, or aggression who at times celebrate or even crush such characters even situations in such a way that simply deteriorates our situation and sets a very poor example to others. I am beginning to wonder whether the internet, TV and our media is now on balance any longer a force for good in our era.

Here in the UK (a temporary return to part of my roots) one’s impression is that this maze is reserved solely to this continued mega conflicting powerful trio of a minority in the media, our business culture and politics, weak in imagination and cohesiveness that no longer see their work as a vocation or as a service to others resulting in a potential force of destruction like a stampede of bulls or a herd of barking dogs falling into Dante’s inferno of indifference, unhappiness, and despair.   One has to ask ourselves. Cui bono in this impasse? The answer is very few.  It is not surprising that these powerful segments are fast losing our interest let alone respect and by which they will come to realise that they only have themselves to blame.

Earlier in my career, I had come across some pretty rotten apples, those that had enacted some shameful deeds in Business through greed, corruption, sociopathic and narcissistic behaviour and then again how was it that I was amongst them? Did this mean that I too was tainted or dysfunctional in some way? Of course as it takes two which is entirely of my own making and yet people can change even if we reach the bottom, and yes we can pick ourselves up. And when you change you understand the mistakes that you made and learn to become the person that you are and have a better sense of right and wrong and of oneself. You become stronger more purposeful, ready to contribute to the true needs of others, our environment, our society and away from the re-occurring floating bubbles thus reverting ourselves to our nature of being.

By becoming our own green shoot you begin to see the beauty of the world; you surround yourself with those that inspire you almost sub-consciously, to better ourselves so that in turn you can inspire others become creative and brand ourselves more authentically.  Furthermore we learn to encourage those whilst accepting the encouragement of others, gently challenge those and accept to be challenged and readily act on situations that are within our control for a better and more hopeful future whilst being better attuned in sensing, let alone, avoiding any danger.

That is not to say that there will be times when you will be tested where absolute vigilance will be required and yet beauty, respect, kindness, and forgiveness is thus in the eye of the beholder.

Above I have added a picture of a stunning French Gothic cathedral in Reims I had visited this summer.  It had  caught my imagination as not only was it the place where historically the French coronations occurred, it is also an icon of an architectural master piece built by those from a different era with no doubt a greater sense of pride and of glory that we very rarely see or encourage today.

Difficult eras in our European history such as today have always occurred and many people see this as a time for renewal, of greatness and of change. How can we achieve this? One way is to re-discover our vocation (fulfilment and purpose) within our business and careers within the real economy in terms of how we make things, what we produce, how we finance, engineer, supply and deliver linked to our attributes, strengths and talents that are inevitably sustainable and carries longevity of which there are many great scenarios out there.
And equally as important by combining this challenge with how we can reconcile ourselves by re-discovering our source that re-links us to the non-physical, the infinite, and the immaterial linked to our being, time and space thus reverting to the natural order of all things that govern. Is this not a key to how we can benefit others linked to our peace of mind and fulfilment that we all seek in so far as reclaiming our greatness, our pride and our glory?

Here is something I have enacted inspired by a song written by The Waterboys in the 80’s and it goes like this.

 Only our source frees us from our own maze

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