Thursday 17 October 2013

Are our imperfections running wild?

Poor old Britain! Selling arms to the Middle East, demeaning sex in the music industry, child abuse amongst TV celebrities. Greed in the banking sector combined with the aggressive culture in business. Not to mention our horrendous debt and consumer culture.  So bereft of ideas and identity that we have to go begging for money in China for our so called ‘race for growth.’  Hardly a model for others to follow. If it makes you feel any better other parts of Europe are not much different. Corruption in the French and Spanish government, selling of our industries to foreign players. Sleaze amongst our leaders and leadership. Bizarre laws being passed on same-sex marriage and strange debates on transgender identity. Poor old Europe so focused on short term wealth and resources but so weak in character, ideas and moral fibre that it really has lost its sense of direction.  So many imperfections that cause so much harm to the other with the big three: power, money and sex. It is little wonder there is such little integrity and trust everywhere.

Some of us who have found or took a while a journey to find their common sense of decency, who are educated or well balanced and talented from the bottom of the food chain to the top are not easily taken in as fools, may find most part of our leadership, culture, economic direction and laws just simply weird, unsustainable, and beyond our natural principle in humanity.

Just recently I attended a conference that was promoting Judea-Christian values in our business culture and institutions. Unfortunately it was interfered brutally by a group of women that demonstrated on stage with graffiti written over their half-naked bodies and throwing a cake in the face at one of the Bishops.  What is difficult to fathom is whilst we were trying to promote the common good that there can exist so much anger and hatred. It is as if Love, one of the Christian Faiths greatest virtue, can so easily become the enemy.

I don’t hate the women that demonstrated but they certainly showed hatred toward us as if life was a continuous dejas vu of some warning shot that something biblical might occur where all too often the battle lines are drawn between good and evil, the flesh and the spirit, or right and wrong.  And it was up to each of us through free will to decide which side of the coin you were on. Unless you might be one of those by no fault of your own that abstain by remaining comfortably in a ‘muddle’ ahem I mean in the middle.
As imperfect as we are, in this far from perfect world and regardless which side you might come from, we do know however that trial and errors will often happen in our lives. For those who may commit errors or are confronted by trial and may lack understanding or guidance, will often find the door to life’s fulfilment firmly closed to the point that we may feel trapped, alone, victimised, insecure let alone burdened by fear, hatred, anger, despair or suffering. This can often sadly lead us to take the easy or superficial route or make an impulsive approach toward an even more difficult path. Nonetheless it is also an opportunity or our challenge to search and discover the key to that door, so that we can open it and get through. After which it is our duty as responsible citizens to fulfil our destiny, so we can proudly pass on the reigns to our children and if need be by helping others in doing so to reach their goals where there is a place for everyone.

I later discovered that these women were part of a feminist group standing up for lesbian rights. I have no problem with lesbians and I never did as people as I am sure many of them can be extremely kind. But on the recent debate on same sex marriage and transgender rights for example I cannot see how it is justifiable nor humanely possible that governments of all the institutions can get themselves in such an awkward position, and let alone, to decide laws that encourage not just sexual activity but our imperfections between two women or two men or on the point of gender orientation for that matter as if it has become the norms of our society.
It goes beyond the purpose on what a law is. I cannot begin to imagine how to explain to our children who are in my view the best examples of common sense, that may start asking questions once they see their school friends who have either two mothers or two fathers or even transgender orientation. To think that divorced parents are already a difficult enough challenge as it is! Once they see this as social convention what will become of them?  Just like we cannot marginalise nor treat the LGBT community inhumanely nor differently nor with ridicule for that matter which is equally deplorable. Let him who without sin cast the first stone and why group people in such a way? There are some things in life that are best left untouched. In an ideal world we must all learn to revert from publically and shamelessly justifying our faults or worse still publically legalising them in so as to simply satisfy  our inner selfish wants, cravings or desires and try to reverse this disastrous trend from an ever increasing conflicting individual self-interest, and obsession with self.

Indeed as my Professor in coaching likes to point out, we are all so wonderfully imperfect. Therefore surely the best alternative is for each of us to acknowledge our imperfections via our own conscience quietly in ourselves or with those we trust and to do the best we can to overcome them or to change, to attain our own peace of mind and peace with others.
Our concience is our peacemaker


  1. My God you're a hypocrite! A "good" Catholic boy who gets a girl pregnant out of wedlock and yet you feel authorized to lecture about moral fibre? Pathetic! And no mention of the massive sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests all over the world? Pompous hypocrite.

  2. Interesting point and you are right. You are right about some of the of the problems in the different faiths in our churches. The facts what you say about me are also correct in the sense that I came from the other side of the coin and through our trial and errors that we can learn and we can change. In my case, I switched ends and therefore I hope that my articles offer an insight in helping others that could make that change in order to help the society we live in and for a better world. Clearly my intention when writing is not to sound judgemental nor righteous, therefore forgive for any offence made. If you read the article well enough you will see that I write from personal experience.

  3. My friend, from what I can tell you are in the business of recruitment and career advice; leave the moral lecturing to the clerics. Mixing religion and business isn't wise.

  4. Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. Incidently here is an article I wrote a while back on hypocracy where there is arguable a link between faith and our business practices.