Thursday 24 October 2013

Are the Bank recruiters changing tact?

Last weekend I was offering some career advice to a young student who wanted to go into banking once he graduated. He was studying Mechanical Engineering at a well-known University in the UK. What struck me was the feedback I was able to get in how some of the banks were approaching young up and coming talent. The young man mentioned that Barclays whilst on their milk round were offering insights in how they were changing and not only were they asking their feedback, they went as far as asking ideas from the applicants in how they could change and improve. Blackrock were onto a similar approach and openly advertising amongst their divisions that they want people and graduates to innovate what their tasks are and how they execute and implement. This was even pushed by executives.

This approach struck me, that instead of selling themselves and just seeking the highest IQ; they actually went to the students asking their opinions on how they could change themselves. This must also be a way of really testing the true character of the person.

Is this an eye opener in how other banks such as Goldman’s, JP Morgan, HSBC or Citi could follow suit?

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