Tuesday 4 November 2014

What is fear?

Often these articles are showing an interest in social philosophy in order to help and provide more meaning in our lives in the context of our business culture today using examples from others, from what I read, people I meet and my own personal experience. This is so we can make that difference, through creativity, ideas, sound judgement, far-sightedness and the use of knowledge for the advancement of others. As this in my view is the right way to view humanity so that we, as human beings can strive for our hopes and dreams. Today there is a hindrance into this way of thinking as something in us is pulling us back, in our ability to move forward in a different direction. It's seemingly very likely that this deterrence is a fear of some loss, yet in the end, as so often the case, time will tell us what it was. And if my judgment serves me correctly it will confirm that this loss was based on some illusion or myth.

Today I would like to write about fear. What is it? Is it a state of being? We have many fears. The deeper ones are fear of change or of loss, which may link to our lifestyles, and comforts, fear of being judged as inadequate by others, or fear of being hurt emotionally, mentally or physically.

Yet all these fears are linked to our future which in short is the fear of the unknown, plus they relate prior to the act, as so often the case we act on impulse, basic instinct without taking the long term implication into account as we run away from the unknown factor and what will it do to me kind of thing.  So how do we fight these fears in us? Is it by having courage? Is it by having a higher belief? We all have courage if we were put to the test. We all have beliefs, well supposedly, otherwise how would you define who you are?

No, it is before that act; therefore in thinking you are doing the right thing which is where we need encouragement, or reassurance. This is linked to our confidence adding to our inner sense of security. This encouragement which can help anchor us can come from friends, family, great colleagues, teachers, love of our work and so on or elsewhere. Courage is different as once you are committed to the act, you know you are doing the right thing, even in the face of adversity or facing an unexpected situation. There are so many unsung heroes in our world. Often their modesty and discretion is what describes their very nature of them.

The mainstream media have no idea how to find them or perhaps they have no idea how to define true heroism, nor success. And as so often the case the media’s only concern resorts to the depravity and sensationalism around us making all of us see the world in a negative way adding to so many of our problems and solving nothing, which arguably creates a far more dangerous situation making  some of us more fearful and others more immune than ever.  

Today Europe appears to be trapped, possibly in denial of its past, fearful of its future and so are our banks and we are seeking for a way out except that we cannot find the key. This is partly linked to our lack of confidence. Did you know there is a bank out there that defines sustainability, in the true sense of the word? By this I mean they actually act in what they preach. I would describe this bank as a heroic and pioneering bank with courage in the face of regulation and media adversity. Perhaps the media may describe this as an example for others, in so as others can be encouraged to follow suit. Could this help to answer to some of our fears?

In short to fight our fears, it simply means double checking in what I am doing is what is right. A kind of someone telling you, ‘you can do it attitude’ that builds our confidence. We all know what is right, if we take the time to think as we all have a conscience and yet we will always be seeking that reassurance. With that reassurance, the fear subsides, nothing else matters and the peace in you just takes over as we become more attuned to sensing danger.

Hold on I have not acted yet? Well we have to act. This is how others will radiate around you as you have to throw a stone to get the pond to ripple otherwise nothing will happen, and nothing will change. Or there will always be that distinct danger that the wrong people in responsibility do the acting in our world or shall I say play acting which brings us back to that state of illusion whereby deepening our fears…..

To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.
Bertrand Russell

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