Tuesday 13 May 2014

Has Europe lost its identity?

For those of you who watched the Eurovision song contest the other night may have or not made some quiet opinions to ourselves about the result. Yes, I am partially guilty, for my sins. I am of course referring to this so called ‘Conchita’ character, a name referring to the female sexual genital in Spanish in South America. Whilst we are not sure whether this person who won is a man or a woman, our most basic identity birth gifts, this character has now been dubbed the so called ‘Queen of Europe’ and following from very little emotional self–control puts a fist in the air in front of 180 million viewers by saying ‘for peace and for freedom, and we are unstoppable’ in front of an idolising crowd. It may all ofcourse be in the name of entertainment and fabricated. However without sounding like a killjoy I’m thinking in all seriousness, ‘Houston, we have a problem.’

Paradoxically last year President Hollande had already commented that Europe has lost its identity as if he had predicted what was about to happen in this year’s song contest, he could not be closer to the truth. When the Queen of Europe was actually born a male but wants to be referred to as a she, the Belgian television commented that this is a day of victory for tolerance. Either Europe really has lost its marbles and all common sense or its media commentators and entertainment/music industry lack the courage to stand up to its conviction. One has to ask ourselves whether the media is in a state of delusion so easily fooled or is it actually dictating mainstream or doing its utmost to poison it. Perhaps it is all in the name of instant hedonistic fun and fame but I was sadly reminded that in my younger days, following all my idiotic antics, exploits and liberal frivolities, that too was all in the name of fun. What I had really done was as a single father I had run away from my own true identity in the name of so called ‘freedom’ which led to the suffering and virtual destruction of my very own soul.

An alarming statistic that caught my attention here in Belgium of late, around 80% of young male generation now regularly gawp at online pornography. Together with the Polish female contingency flaunting themselves on Eurovision, is this how our opposing sexes now treat each other? Is this the way to gain respect from each other not least from ourselves? As low, depraved and disrespectful as we have now become as I was once all too shamefully aware, in our limited minds, imagination and loose behaviour from a large portion of our over sexed and over fed European citizens, we are now resorting to nicknames referring to female genitals. You can almost laugh at the word ‘tolerance’ which in essence seems to have totally lost its meaning.

One might argue that it is about the talent or what we hear, I’m afraid it is also about what we see, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder except the beauty has all but gone whilst the light of the beholder may eventually...well...just switch off. I sometimes wonder if we would be simply better off without television and the internet, and bring back the radio, and proper human interaction. Is there not a way out of our never ending uncreative shameless bottomless pit? I am encouraged that this day had further awakened me in that this is a debate that has gone beyond tolerance or rights and is now about our very own identity, respect of our dignity that goes deep into our very own soul.

I believe this ‘Conchita act’ is giving us the signals where Europe now is, largely lost and indifferent, void of ideas and vision, stuck in a rut perhaps in denial of our past and fearful of our future. That we are simply neither being authentic, nor are we carrying the courage of our convictions whilst our leadership is not assuming proper responsibility. Why would this person shout out for peace and for freedom? Were powerful interest groups putting this poor guy on top of a pedestal for an ulterior or political motive? Do you think he has found his happiness that he is perhaps craving for? Or is he just another of our endless victims that the music industry has a knack in producing, thrown by the wayside once enough money has been made and the novelty or popularity has worn off? When something as provocative as this is done in the name of peace, how then can it be peaceful? Let alone how can we be free if we do not know who we are? I salute Austria for bringing this greater debate to light.

Come on Europe, wake up, rise up and unleash ourselves from our low ebb and face the music. If I can, you can. Now the elections are within us let’s up the bar and quality in our behaviour and take the lead to turn the pendulum from our obsession with self to a more creative, purposeful and hopeful future. Get a grip of our own destiny and discipline or rather censor our greed driven media mainstream sexualised fabricated  nonsense for the sake of protecting the innocence and education of our families and children. Let’s get back on track, regain the initiative to rediscover our lost identity, our soul, dignity, and credibility. Get the right people in at the top and show the rest of the world what inner steel we are made of. Yes, that very steel Mr. Lakshmir Mittal that you have helped us to lose which almost defined us all those many years ago.

It is the truth that sets us free

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