Thursday 21 March 2013

Our Liberty and the power to choose.

One of our greatest gifts is our freedom to choose. When confronted with a choice, how then do we determine whether we are making the right decision? Instead of the stark contrast of victimisation or the blame game that is so common in our current world.

Moreover what is no good is the illogical or more impulsive approach of making or indeed any decision that you might be unaware that is right at the time and, dealing with or indeed unaware of, the consequences later. This is not dissimilar to living a world of instant gratification or an adolescent mentality world of, ‘I want something now’ without thinking of the consequences or putting one’s ego above sacrifice. ‘If I don’t take this chance now I’ll never get it regardless the circumstances.’ Perhaps a seriously individualistic approach of ‘I am free so I can do what I want and it is my right’ or this constant reoccurring ‘what is in it for me (or us)’ business mentality before any decision is made if any.
This approach has the imminent danger of killing our own freedom to choose in the future in that sub-consciously you pile on more burdens upon yourself than necessary. Our greatest gift then becomes an inconvenience with the sacrifice too great to bear. Taking responsibility will mean swimming against the current. Our needs become wants. We become vulnerable, stumble along, lose our inner strength, crave for those ‘comforts’ and eventually cave in by burying our heads in the sand. We are finally enslaved into the system and sadly potentially enslaving others into the fold or we simply become drawn in as spectators. Worst of all total negativity and fear can befall us. As Jean-Jacques Rousseau quite aptly remarked; ‘Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.’ I suppose that is how the cookie crumbles; it will never change such is the nature of the beast.
This doom and gloom way of being can all be averted. I have learnt over the years that our decisions and choices we make in life can, not only self-determine us and our future as unique and formidable human beings but also it may create the possibility of reinventing oneself. This must be determined by our inner value system or our faith that comes out of our upbringing, our education, the environment we live in and most importantly unconditional love that we receive and are able to give. From thereon our possibilities in family life, in our natural talents and our career become limitless. Our inner burdens are lifted which then sets us free. Our guard from the misdemeanours of others is totally sealed and from there on our power to choose becomes almost effortless. Instead of a life of ‘trial and errors,’ it becomes a life of selfless trial and a peace of mind virtually void of errors. That is freedom. That is the challenge we are faced with. Is that not why we are here?

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