Wednesday 11 January 2012

Redeployment and mobility

A priority for a firm in a time of budgetary constraint due to the growing economic threat is redeployment which is closely connected to the movement of employees or mobility. To avoid redundancy or outplacement situations, a firm will often do its utmost to seek alternative opportunities within the group at large for their employees. This is currently a growing phenomenon in the larger banks. This requires no doubt the flexibility of movement from certain employees. However, if for example there may be more than one person for this position on offer or a shortlist of very good candidates. Who do you choose?

The answer is clearly the best candidate. Nevertheless this is not always the case. Other factors or internal unexplained circumstances could come into play to influence what some may regard an unfair decision and the outcome can be potentially negative for all involved. Time MCG, with its vast experience in interviewing and assessing candidates, will offer external solutions to help resolve such a situation. After reviewing and meeting all candidates, Time MCG will provide the best objective and refreshing advice on who would be the best candidate outlining its reasons behind such a choice without regard of any internal politics or seemingly other factors.

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